What’s for dinner? Feeding and care

What’s for dinner?
Like all living things, fish eat. There are a vast variety of fish pellets, flakes, stones and frozen treats, but don’t worry. Feeding you fish is a relatively simple procedure.

How much do I feed them?

TetraMin Tropical Fish Flakes (7.06 oz $14.56 at Walmart) is great for daily feeding

Just enough. There is no real magic number when it comes to feeding fish. It depends on the type of fish, their size, how many are in the tank and the individual fish themselves. Ideally, you should give them an amount they can consume in 45 seconds. Experiment with amounts until you find out which works best for your tank. Remember, too much food in the tank can rot in the tank and hurt your fish. So remove any extra food left floating around.

How often do I feed them?
Once a day.

What food is best?
Again, it varies. Tropical fish flakes are good for everyday feeding, but it’s good to mix it up from time to time. Freeze dried blood worms or brine shrimp are full of protein. It’s good to mix them in once or twice a week. Also live fruit flies, brine shrimp or blood worms can serve as a great treat.

How do I feed them?
Sprinkle food into tank and gently tap to let the fish know it’s dinner time.

I have to go on vacation. Will they be ok for the weekend?

Wardley Original Weekend Feeder (4 pack $1.52 @ amazon.com)

Sure. Pet stores sell feeders for fish that will provide them will plenty while you are gone. Most of them are in block form and are inexpensive.

One of my fish is taking all the food and won’t let the others eat. What do I do?
Separate him from the herd for a while. A breeding box will do to trick. Breeding boxes float in the top of you already existing tank, but will isolate a problem fish. Feed the other fish normally, but don’t forget to sprinkle some into the breeding box for your troublemaker.

Other FAQ

I have guppies. One of my guppy is biting off the tails of the other ones. What do I do?
Nothing, really. A guppy tail is used to attract a mate and show dominance. The biggest and brightest tails belong to the dominate guppy. They will pick at the tails of the other guppy. Do keep an eye on this, however. If one becomes particularly mean and is harming the others or preventing them from eating, he may need to be separated.

One of my fish has white spots on his fins, tail and body. I’d this bad?
Yes. It sounds like some sort of fungus.  You will need an anifungal medicine. Treat the entire tank, the disease is likely to spread.

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