Flying Guppies: Issues with the Fluval Chi aquarium

In one of my first posts, I mentioned to you that I had a Fluval Chi fish tank. I even talked about how pretty this tank was, with it’s clean cut and “floating waterfall”.

Fluval Chi Display and Accessories

Now I am telling you, whatever you do, do not buy one of these tanks. They are a poorly designed  with an insufficient filter.

I have had more problems with this tank than I can count, but for your sake, I will try to detail my experiences.

First, the tank has an open top, which makes it difficult to keep at a sufficient temperature for your tropical fish (remember 77 degrees is ideal). I could not keep the tank at a consistant temperature, even with a heater.

The open lid allows dust and other particles in the air to get into the tank and the filter cannot keep up.

The water is cloudy.

The filter won’t start.

The water from my tank evaporates quickly, one day there is plenty of water and thievery next my filter won’t work because the water is too low.

And the worst problem in my opinion, some of my fish are jumping out of the tank and on to the floor, I find them dead the next morning.

Ok, so if you refuse to heed my warning and go out and buy that tank anyway, here are some tips.

First, the water temperature problem and evaporating problem can be fixed together. You will need to add water to you tank every days ( or so, depending on climate). When you add new water, make sure the water is warm, or at least warmer than the normal water you put in. Pour it in through the fountain, to prevent shocking your fish. Adjust accordingly.

I have yet to find a solution to the dust problem, other than adding a lid. Home improvement stores can cut glass or plexi glass to fit the opening of your tank.

The best thing for cloudy water, is live plants. Put one or two in your tank and you should see improvement in a few days. Also, change out water often, at least once a week change out about 45 percent.

This is not my tank, but it seems that a lot of people are having this problem.

The filter in the fluval chi is tricky. To be honest, there is not really tried and true method to get to to start or restart. You just really have to play with it. Unplug it, rinse it out, put in back in the water and re plug it. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Fish may try to jump out of the tank for a variety of reasons, but with the fluval chi, what I I have found is the type of fish you put in the aquarium is key. Do not put guppies in this tank! They will jump. Guppies are surface swimmers, they linger near the top of the tank. The best kind of tanks for them are shallow and wide. Try fish that like to swim in the middle range such as platies or mollies.

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